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The Project

       The EdiOS Project was born, in fact, in 2001. In that year, I did some tests in MSX-BASIC. However, it was stopped because the priority in another project: the MSX Top Secret 2. The reason was simple: it would be much easier to make the system with easiest information reachable. Finished the MSX Top Secret 2, I could to dedicate more time to EdiOS.

          But, what is EdiOS?

         Despite of the name, EdiOS is not a OS. The system is more simple: it is a friendly graphical interface for MSX, with the maximum possible of resources. It´s primary objective is to replace the COMMAND2.COM. The graphical interfaces existing for MSX are very precary and old. I am trying to make the EdiOS in a more modern conception. Some conceptions:

1 - Use more than one screen. The first version problably will use Screens 5, 6, 7 and 8;
2 - The mouse right button must be used to open a properties menu;
3 - File copy in the system copy/paste or moving icons;
4 - To execute the files calling the application that manipule it (ex. calls the Execrom by clicking in the .ROM file)

            I think that conceptions are not absurd. The start of development was difficult because I calculated that was better to develop the system  in C, and I not knew C. But the time confirmed that I did the correct option. I also maked some rules to development:

1 - To develop the system always possible in C;
2 - To use ASM only in two cases: when C not have the required function (ex. mouse) and when the velocity is prioritary;
3 - Do not worry with the executable lenght. How is a system concepted to run on HD´s, if the executable is too long, it´s only to divide it.

            That conceptions and rules to seem to be correct. The EdiOS System is not staying to slow, how someone could think. The "skeleton" is almost ready, now is sophistication only.